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Fishbed operators. Flight Leo.

Khodynka Field MAKS Airshow MiG 21 MIG 21 - MIG 21 - panoramio. MIG MiG 2 MIG BG.


Mikoyan-Gurevich MiGPF “Fishbed-D” > National Museum of the United States Air Force™ > Display

Mig Fishbed. MiG trainer cockpit - panoramio.

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MiG trainer side view - panoramio. MiG zakretomierz. Mig21 Mikoyan MiG wings - Monino Militaire Luchtvaart Museum Soesterberg Nationaal Militair Museum New Jersey National Guard Obrajeevka Paint the sky Vasters Volkswagen The MiGP F introduced a limited all-weather capability, with a longer shock cone in the nose intake for a more powerful radar, a bigger fuselage spine.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21

The second generation MiGM had a new engine and an again enlarged fuselage spine, containing additional fuel. The third generation MiGbis introduced yet another engine and a new avionics upgrade. The MiGU 'Mongol' is the trainer version.

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Recently a series of upgrades of MiGs has begun, usually with Western electronics. Probably over 10, have been built.


The MiGF is a short-range day fighter-interceptor and the first major production version of the popular MiG series. It is one of many versions of this aircraft that have served in the air arms of many nations around the world. More than 30 countries of the world-including nations friendly to the U.

At least 15 versions of the MiG have been produced, some outside the Soviet Union. Estimates place the number built at more than 8,, a production total exceeding that of any other modern jet aircraft. The Soviets licensed the manufacture of the MiGF and its engine to China in , and assembly of the first J-7 Jianjiji-7 Fighter aircraft 7 using Chinese-made components began early Neither version was produced in large numbers. Other development efforts extended through the F-7M Airguard which received a production go-ahead in December Development of the "Super 7" upgrade was terminated with the end of American technical assistance following the Tienanmen repression of