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April, Where: Teatr Wielki, Poland. Cancelled due to illness. The composer dedicated the work to the memory of his daughter Olga d. Various, Odense, Copenhagen, Aalborg. These two works have posed interpretative demands on listeners and performers due to their scale and structural coherence. Where: Opera Hedeland, DK.

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The perceived romance of its violent wars and feuds, as well as its folklore and mythology, intrigued 19th century readers and audiences. The story concerns the emotionally fragile Lucy Ashton Lucia who is caught in a feud between her own family and that of the Ravenswoods. It is widely considered to be the first of the operatic masterpieces of Verdi's middle-to-late career.

The curse comes to fruition when Gilda falls in love with the Duke and sacrifices her life to save him from the assassin hired by her father.

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January, Repertoire: Opera and Song Highlights. Randers Kammerorkester is Denmark's only permanent, professional chamber orchestra, performing around concerts per year. Its repertoire includes orchestra and chamber orchestra concerts in Randers and the rest of Denmark, castle concerts, school concerts and regular broadcasts on Denmark's Radio, plus a string of CDs, has established the orchestra as an important institution in the Danish music industry.

It also takes part as an opera orchestra with 'Den jyske Opera' and is the regular house orchestra for the Aarhus Summer Opera. Where: Salzburg Osterfestspiele. June, Where: Tivoli Concert Hall, Copenhagen. Repertoire: Opera Highlights. The stage is set for a firework display of top arias for choirs and tenors from the world of opera. Adam Frandsen — the fast-rising young Danish tenor — is offering well-known arias composed for tenors from e. Before the interval, one of Sweden's greatest composers, Wilhelm Stenhammar, will be highlighted in the Nordic section.

He was inspired by both Richard Wagner and Anton Bruckner, but over the years developed a more 'Nordic' tone inspired by colleagues such as Carl Nielsen and Jean Sibelius. July, Where: Auckland, New Zealand. With: Auckland Philharmonia.

Don Giovanni lives for one thing — women! He seduces compulsively and unrepentantly, while his long-suffering servant Leporello maintains the catalogue. Making a post-assignation getaway from one noble woman, he kills her father. But the father was a highly respected citizen: passing a statue erected in his memory, Don Giovanni invites it to dinner. Slowly, very slowly, the statue nods its head …. Giordano Bellincampi will again lead the orchestra and the stellar cast of singers, infusing his innate sense of theatre for what promises to be a sensational opera in concert performance.

August, Where: Rebild Bakker, Denmark. Repertoire: Mixed Operatic. The area has a rich and thriving cultural life; and it is particularly renowned for the Rebild Celebrations. This event is believed to be the greatest independence-day celebration outside the US. More in fo soon. In , he started his opera studies at the Copenhagen Royal Opera with guest professor Douglas Yates.

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Frandsen is a graduate of the prestigious Curtis Institute of Music, under the direction of Mikael Eliasen, as a student of Marlena Malas. Frandsen was a regional finalist in the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions and is the recipient of the honorary Aalborg Opera Prize He was also awarded grants and scholarships from Moores, Yale, Curtis, and several American and Danish organizations. In the summer of , Mr. The Magic Flute, W. Thorvald Pellby Petterson, 5 Apr Adam Frandsen also convinced as Tamino.

His tight vibrato suits the role and he had confidence and control almost to the top of his range. He very effectively combined excellent diction with lyrical expression. Niklas Smit, 5 Apr John and D.

Kiri Te Kanawa-Chi il bel sogno di Doretta

Watkins, Opera Australia, 28 October The Architect is a taxing role, demanding stamina and sensitivity and he has both in spades. His voice rings out at the top, crowning his frequent arias of vision and ambition with buckets of glorious, heroic tone.

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No trade-offs there. We have mentioned Isabel Piganiol's Tosca. Her poor, battered, and heroic Cavaradossi is in the hands of Adam Frandsen, the new tenor talent we just heard as Romeo in Gounod's opera at the Copenhagen Opera Festival, confirmed here as more than just a talent, but as an already able-bodied young tenor voice, with the height and size for the big lyrical roles. Entirely touching here in his somewhat youthful appearance, with innocence and defiance, undaunted, vigorous. Hold on, buddy, do not wear out your voice too early and too hard.

It is worth gold! But what did it matter when Romeo - fleet-footed and heart-meltingly sung by the young tenor Adam Frandsen - could climb up on the roof of a small shed and from there serenade his beloved Juliet… With deep, green foliage and a sky that stayed dry throughout the entire performance, the old courtyard created a spacious and romantic setting for this impassioned opera about two young lovers who are trying to overcome family feuds in order to be together. Farinelli, Reesen, Copenhagen Philharmonic, Fall I found the design by Bruno Schwengl quite fascinating: the first act setting is dark and opulent, with suggestions of Manet and Monet paintings half hidden on the rear wall.

Giacomo Puccini

The lighting Colin Smith is dim but warm. Candles glow and a fire, hidden by the grand piano which dominates the salon , flickers in the background. Against this setting the frivolity of Parisian society and, in particular, its cultural representative, the poet Prunier is shown.

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But it is in Act III that we have a real contrast in every sesne of the word. As the curtain rises on the pure white set, the light is so bright that for a moment it is almost blinding. On stage right Magda and Ruggero, also both in white, lounge together, relaxed and happy, whilst downstage left we have a suggestion of what is to come. A plinth on which stands just the feet of a statue of Venus: on the ground beside it lie the body and, a few feel away, the head.

A greater contrast with the first act could not be imagined, but the greatest contrast is yet to come: the misery which will engulf the characters.

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